Bocker the Labradoodle

Sportz-Vibe is a lightweight portable massage blanket designed to help boost circulation in dogs. It can be used for high performance dogs as a warm up or recovery blanket to help ease soreness and stiffness  on dogs of all ages that may be suffering from back problems or hip conditions.    Benefits:  Reduces Pain, Improves blood supply to tissue, muscle relaxation.   Facebook      Contact:    HORSEWARE IRELAND

Bocker's Favorite Things

The Puppy Hugger - Now that I’m feeling well and we are out and about again, we needed to find something comfortable for me to lie down on when not at home.  While at the Retail & Sales Pet Expo in NYC, we met Elaine Doran and were introduced to her incredible Puppy Hugger luxury dog beds.beds.   Well, the BockerLounger was born. You can reach Elaine Doran, owner of The Puppy Hugger at: -  
 (203) 661-4858​  Facebook

Now with my Poochieboots, not only do I look great, but no more sliding around on the tile floors when I do my therapy visits. Everyone smiles when they see me walk in in my cool shoes. And most imprtant, they stay on!! Thank you!.  Poochieboots on Facebook

Pet Trakr TagA must for pets on the go! Pets today are constantly on the move and included in family activities away from home.   What do you do if your pet gets lost while on vacation?  Pet Trakr has a database of veterinarians and shelters nationwide and will automatically notify them when your pet is reported lost.  There are microchips but is the information current?  What if the person finding your pet doesn't know where to go to have the chip read?   Like a microchip, Pet Trakr's computer data files have the owner's address, and phone numbers, veterinarian names and numbers. In addition, the files also have your pet's photo, medical history, information on special diet needs, urgent medical conditions requiring medication, and more! One easy step to bring you and your pet back together again.  Do you have any doubt why Pet Trakr is one of Bocker's Favorite Things?
Find out more on their website: Pet Trakr  and on Facebook

Dogsters  is a veterinary recommended and Bocker approved, healthy ice cream style treat made just for dogs.  They are all natural, low in fat, low in calories, have all healthful  ingredients and best of all, they are  Made in the USA!  Dogsters can be found in your grocer's freezer throughout the U.S.  The Dogster box contains 4 -3.5 oz. cups and will bring rave reviews from your pups. Everyone who knows Bocker, knows I enjoy my Dogsters year round.  

​You have to check out the sidebar of the Dogsters box which includes a braille accessible label for the visually impaired, along with this statement: 
"The inspiration behind Dogsters is the volunteers who know that one person can make a difference, and the people who embrace life's everyday challenges."  
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