Bocker the Labradoodle

When things are not planned and just fall into place, you have to believe they are meant to be.  I questioned our dear friend of over 13years Judy (Tualatin River Labradoodles) asking why this little boy that she called Danny had not found his forever home yet.  Seems he was very reserved.  People love puppies who run all around and jump all over them.  "Danny" was a bit different. Gee,  I went through this will Bocker over 13 years ago, wondering how a tiny puppy could look so serious and almost plan out his every move. Don't get me wrong, Bocker was a puppy in ever sense of the word, but always something different.   Also, Bocker's great great grandma is Maggie....Maggie is the reason for Tualatin River Labradoodles and the reason I know  my dear friend Judy!  So to have Bocker carry on, not only as Bocker , but also carry on an incredible friendship..How could anything be more perfect?  See photo below, in 2012 Bocker and mom made a trip to Portland Oregon to visit our friends!

Back to "Danny"...Baby Bocker..maybe BJ for Bocker Jr.  His name will formerly be BOCKER but a nickname will happen,  I am sure.   I was one week away from major surgery that would have me out of commission at least six weeks before starting physical therapy.  Plus, how do we get this pup from Oregon..clear across the country to New York.  

Without going into detail, everything seamlessly fell into place...flight across the U.S. and now being fostered with an incredible friend in New York until I am well enough to welcome Baby Bocker into his forever home.  He still seems to be a special boy..ready to step into those BIG paw steps laid out by Bocker the Labradoodle.   A new chapter begain December 2016.

2012 - Bocker's visits his pals in Oregon, Maggie, Lucy and Katie

Welcome Bocker II

Our friend Judy Albertson with Maggie.