Bocker the Labradoodle

My name is Bocker. I am a labradoodle.  My father, Bailey, was an apricot standard poodle and my mom, Missy, a Black Lab.  I was born July 11, 2003.  Oh, why the name, Bocker…..well, my mom grew up being a fan of the New York Knicks (Knickerbockers) basketball team – so Knicki was here already,  so when I came along, it just had to be BOCKER.  Humans?!IMy life has been a journey of exciting and fun things.

I started my career at a very young age.  I have worked as a model for print ads and television commercials; Tommy Hilfiger,  Ralph Lauren Polo, Barneys NY, Chase Bank, Citizen Bank, Target, Optimum Online, Getty Images, GQ magazine, Avanti Greeting Cards, AT&T to name a few. I’ve worked in movies, short films and webisodes too!  I filmed Men In Black 3, Eat Pray Love, and War of the Wolds and worked on an HBO pilot.  I had fun with Joy Behar on The View and was proud to represent Labradoodles on Animal Planet’s DOGS 101.   I have even played a girl on a few occasions and starred in a segment of Lorenzo Borghese’s America’s Next Top Dog webisode as Caramel Barkshaw.  I’ve been featured in many magazine and newspaper articles even in Sweden and Thailand!  I even have my own flavor of gelato (ice cream), Bocker’s Labradoodlicious Swirl.
My theme song and plush puppies are a hit with my favorite people, children!!! Which brings me to another and now the most important part of my life, my Therapy work.  I love reading with the kids in my role as Tail Wagging Tutor and just seeing them smile and hearing them laugh.  I am a very lucky doodle and because of that my bark can be heard.  So I am honored to be the voice of my furry friends in need and work very hard to lend a helping paw.I’ve been told that my story has a lot of legs and now with the release of my book, Chasing Bocker’s Tale, my story has been told.   What makes me happiest..making people smile.

Diagnosed with lymphoma December 2014, I am writing a new, very unexpected chapter in my life, but one where I can help raise awareness and lend support to others going through a "bump in the road".  I have completed my chemotherapy and radiation and am now in remission, taking a big bite out of cancer. 

Bocker was a cancer survivor.  On August 31, 2016, at the age 13, health issues related to his kidney function took the best of him.  It was his time to go on to the Rainbow Bridge.  His good works and legacy will live on.

About Bocker