Oprah has her favorite things!

But what about us dogs??

Bocker the Labradoodle, star of film, tv and personal appearances will be reviewing unique pet items and services. Bocker has HIS picks for the most stylish, spoiled, pampered pets!

And Bocker is a Very wise shopper

Frenchie’s Kitchen

Their motto is: If dogs could cook, this is what they’d serve.  …

K9 Tailor

Welcome to K9Tailor where they are dedicated to designing and fabricating stylish clothes for dogs.  …

Dog for Dog

Dog for Dog You buy one, they give one! Everyone knows I …

Bark Point Studio

Wow! What a fantastic caricature of me.  So delighted that I had …

Table Art Event Designs

Amazing Unique Creations! Felicia Greenberg’s floral art creations are so amazing and …

My Kool Dog Cooler Bowl

Go for a day trip to the beach, the park, a hike …

Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes

Pet Acoustics Audio solutions for your pets best life!  A must have! …

Some of Bocker’s Favorites

  A Fair Shake For Youth, Inc. Harnessing the therapeutic power of …

Tails Untold Pet Books

Tails Untold Personalized Pet Books What fun!  I’ve got my own personalized …

Coolaroo Bed

This is my first Coolaroo Bed which stayed outside 365 days a …

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My name is Bocker. I am a labradoodle. My father, Bailey, was a tan standard poodle and my mom, Missy, was a black lab. I was born on July 11, 2003. I am one lucky doodle and am having a very exciting life. I live in New York but have friends all over the world. How did I get my name..Well, my mom grew up being a New York Knickerbocker fan. She rescued a cat and named her Knicki. So when I came along, Bocker just seemed to fit perfectly.
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